Een overzicht van de MET-waarden die niet in tabel 3 (p.26) van Eet als een atleet worden genoemd vind je hier.

Bron: Ainsworth BE, Haskell WL, Herrmann SD, Meckes N, Bassett DR Jr, Tudor-Locke C, et al. 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities: a second update of codes and MET values. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 Aug;43(8):1575–81.

bicyclingbicycling, mountain, uphill, vigorous14.0
bicyclingbicycling, mountain, competitive, racing16.0
bicyclingbicycling, BMX8.5
bicyclingbicycling, mountain, general8.5
bicyclingbicycling, <10 mph, leisure, to work or for pleasure ( 115)4.0
bicyclingbicycling, general7.5
bicyclingbicycling, leisure, 5.5 mph3.5
bicyclingbicycling, leisure, 9.4 mph5.8
bicyclingbicycling, 10-11.9 mph, leisure, slow, light effort6.8
bicyclingbicycling, 12-13.9 mph, leisure, moderate effort8.0
bicyclingbicycling, 14-15.9 mph, racing or leisure, fast, vigorous effort10.0
bicyclingbicycling, 16-19 mph, racing/not drafting or > 19 mph drafting, very fast, racing general12.0
bicyclingbicycling, > 20 mph, racing, not drafting15.8
conditioning exerciseactivity promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), light effort (e.g., balance, yoga)2.3
conditioning exerciseactivity promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), moderate effort (e.g., aerobic, resistance)3.8
conditioning exerciseactivity promoting video/arcade game (e.g., Exergaming, Dance Dance Revolution), vigorous effort7.2
conditioning exercisearmy type obstacle course exercise, boot camp training program5.0
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, general7.0
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 30-50 watts, very light to light effort3.5
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 90-100 watts, moderate to vigorous effort6.8
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 101-160 watts, vigorous effort8.8
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 161-200 watts, vigorous effort11.0
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 201-270 watts, very vigorous effort14.0
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 51-89 watts, light-to-moderate effort4.8
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, RPM/Spin bike class8.5
conditioning exercisecalisthenics (e.g., push ups, sit ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks), vigorous effort8.0
conditioning exercisecalisthenics (e.g., push ups, sit ups, pull-ups, lunges), moderate effort3.8
conditioning exercisecalisthenics (e.g., situps, abdominal crunches), light effort2.8
conditioning exercisecalisthenics, light or moderate effort, general (e.g., back exercises), going up & down from floor ( 150)3.5
conditioning exercisecircuit training, moderate effort4.3
conditioning exercisecircuit training, including kettlebells, some aerobic movement with minimal rest, general, vigorous intensity8.0
conditioning exerciseresistance training (weight lifting, free weight, nautilus or universal), power lifting or body building, vigorous effort ( 210)6.0
conditioning exerciseresistance (weight) training, squats , slow or explosive effort5.0
conditioning exerciseresistance (weight) training, multiple exercises, 8-15 repetitions at varied resistance3.5
conditioning exercisehealth club exercise classes, general, gym/weight training combined in one visit5.0
conditioning exercisehealth club exercise, conditioning classes7.8
conditioning exercisehome exercise, general3.8
conditioning exercisestair-treadmill ergometer, general9.0
conditioning exerciserope skipping, general12.3
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary ergometer, general, vigorous effort6.0
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, general, moderate effort4.8
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, 100 watts, moderate effort7.0
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, 150 watts, vigorous effort8.5
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, 200 watts, very vigorous effort12.0
conditioning exerciseski machine, general6.8
conditioning exerciseslide board exercise, general11.0
conditioning exercisestretching, mild2.3
conditioning exercisepilates, general3.0
conditioning exerciseteaching exercise class (e.g., aerobic, water)6.8
conditioning exercisetherapeutic exercise ball, Fitball exercise2.8
conditioning exerciseupper body exercise, arm ergometer2.8
conditioning exerciseupper body exercise, stationary bicycle – Airdyne (arms only) 40 rpm, moderate4.3
conditioning exercisewater aerobics, water calisthenics, water exercise5.3
conditioning exercisevideo exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., yoga, stretching), light effort2.3
conditioning exercisevideo exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., cardio-resistance), moderate effort4.0
conditioning exercisevideo exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., cardio-resistance), vigorous effort6.0
conditioning exerciseyoga, Hatha2.5
conditioning exerciseyoga, Power4.0
conditioning exerciseyoga, Nadisodhana2.0
conditioning exerciseyoga, Surya Namaskar3.3
dancingballet, modern, or jazz, general, rehearsal or class5.0
dancingballet, modern, or jazz, performance, vigorous effort6.8
dancingaerobic, general7.3
dancingaerobic, step, with 6 – 8 inch step7.5
dancingaerobic, step, with 10 – 12 inch step9.5
dancingaerobic, step, with 4-inch step5.5
dancingbench step class, general8.5
dancingaerobic, low impact5.0
dancingaerobic, high impact7.3
dancingaerobic dance wearing 10-15 lb weights10.0
dancingethnic or cultural dancing (e.g., Greek, Middle Eastern, hula, salsa, merengue, bamba y plena, flamenco, belly, and swing)4.5
dancingballroom, fast ( 125)5.5
dancinggeneral dancing (e.g., disco, folk, Irish step dancing, line dancing, polka, contra, country)7.8
dancingballroom dancing, competitive, general11.3
dancingballroom, slow (e.g., waltz, foxtrot, slow dancing, samba, tango, 19th century dance, mambo, cha cha)3.0
dancingCaribbean dance (Abakua, Beguine, Bellair, Bongo, Brukin’s, Caribbean Quadrills, Dinki Mini, Gere, Gumbay, Ibo, Jonkonnu, Kumina, Oreisha, Jambu)3.5
fishing and huntingfishing, general3.5
miscellaneouschess game, sitting1.5
miscellaneoussitting, playing traditional video game, computer game1.0
runningjog/walk combination (jogging component of less than 10 minutes) ( 180)6.0
runningjogging, general7.0
runningjogging, in place8.0
runningjogging, on a mini-tramp4.5
runningRunning, 4 mph (13 min/mile)6.0
runningrunning, 5 mph (12 min/mile)8.3
runningrunning, 5.2 mph (11.5 min/mile)9.0
runningrunning, 6 mph (10 min/mile)9.8
runningrunning, 6.7 mph (9 min/mile)10.5
runningrunning, 7 mph (8.5 min/mile)11.0
runningrunning, 7.5 mph (8 min/mile)11.5
runningrunning, 8 mph (7.5 min/mile)11.8
runningrunning, 8.6 mph (7 min/mile)12.3
runningrunning, 9 mph (6.5 min/mile)12.8
runningrunning, 10 mph (6 min/mile)14.5
runningrunning, 11 mph (5.5 min/mile)16.0
runningrunning, 12 mph (5 min/mile)19.0
runningrunning, 13 mph (4.6 min/mile)19.8
runningrunning, 14 mph (4.3 min/mile)23.0
runningrunning, cross country9.0
runningrunning, ( 200)8.0
runningrunning, stairs, up15.0
runningrunning, on a track, team practice10.0
runningrunning, training, pushing a wheelchair or baby carrier8.0
runningrunning, marathon13.3
sportsarchery, non-hunting4.3
sportsbadminton, competitive ( 450)7.0
sportsbadminton, social singles and doubles, general5.5
sportsbasketball, game ( 490)8.0
sportsbasketball, non-game, general ( 480)6.0
sportsbasketball, general6.5
sportsbasketball, officiating ( 500)7.0
sportsbasketball, shooting baskets4.5
sportsbasketball, drills, practice9.3
sportsbasketball, wheelchair7.8
sportsbowling ( 390)3.0
sportsbowling, indoor, bowling alley3.8
sportsboxing, in ring, general12.8
sportsboxing, punching bag5.5
sportsboxing, sparring7.8
sportschildren’s games, adults playing (e.g., hopscotch, 4-square, dodgeball, playground apparatus, t-ball, tetherball, marbles, arcade games), moderate effort5.8
sportscheerleading, gymnastic moves, competitive6.0
sportscoaching, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, etc.4.0
sportscoaching, actively playing sport with players8.0
sportscricket, batting, bowling, fielding4.8
sportsdarts, wall or lawn2.5
sportsdrag racing, pushing or driving a car6.0
sportsauto racing, open wheel8.5
sportsfootball, competitive8.0
sportsfootball, touch, flag, general ( 510)8.0
sportsfootball, touch, flag, light effort4.0
sportsfootball or baseball, playing catch2.5
sportsfrisbee playing, general3.0
sportsfrisbee, ultimate8.0
sportsgolf, general4.8
sportsgolf, walking, carrying clubs4.3
sportsgolf, miniature, driving range3.0
sportsgolf, walking, pulling clubs5.3
sportsgolf, using power cart ( 070)3.5
sportsgymnastics, general3.8
sportshacky sack4.0
sportshandball, general ( 520)12.0
sportshandball, team8.0
sportshigh ropes course, multiple elements4.0
sportshang gliding3.5
sportshockey, field7.8
sportshockey, ice, general8.0
sportshockey, ice, competitive10.0
sportshorseback riding, general5.5
sportshorse chores, feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, implied walking and lifting loads4.3
sportssaddling, cleaning, grooming, harnessing and unharnessing horse4.5
sportshorseback riding, trotting5.8
sportshorseback riding, canter or gallop7.3
sportshorseback riding,walking3.8
sportshorseback riding, jumping9.0
sportshorse cart, driving, standing or sitting1.8
sportsmartial arts, different types, slower pace, novice performers, practice5.3
sportsmartial arts, different types, moderate pace (e.g., judo, jujitsu, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do, tai-bo, Muay Thai boxing)10.3
sportslawn bowling, bocce ball, outdoor3.3
sportsmoto-cross, off-road motor sports, all-terrain vehicle, general4.0
sportspolo, on horseback8.0
sportsracquetball, competitive10.0
sportsracquetball, general ( 470)7.0
sportsrock or mountain climbing ( 470) (Formerly code = 17120)8.0
sportsrock climbing, ascending rock, high difficulty7.5
sportsrock climbing, ascending or traversing rock, low-to-moderate difficulty5.8
sportsrock climbing, rappelling5.0
sportsrope jumping, fast pace, 120-160 skips/min12.3
sportsrope jumping, moderate pace, 100-120 skips/min, general, 2 foot skip, plain bounce11.8
sportsrope jumping, slow pace, < 100 skips/min, 2 foot skip, rhythm bounce8.8
sportsrugby, union, team, competitive8.3
sportsrugby, touch, non-competitive6.3
sportsskateboarding, general, moderate effort5.0
sportsskateboarding, competitive, vigorous effort6.0
sportsskating, roller ( 360)7.0
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 14.4 km/h (9.0 mph), recreational pace7.5
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 17.7 km/h (11.0 mph), moderate pace, exercise training9.8
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 21.0 to 21.7 km/h (13.0 to 13.6 mph), fast pace, exercise training12.3
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 24.0 km/h (15.0 mph), maximal effort14.0
sportsskydiving, base jumping, bungee jumping3.5
sportssoccer, competitive10.0
sportssoccer, casual, general ( 540)7.0
sportssoftball or baseball, fast or slow pitch, general ( 440)5.0
sportssoftball, practice4.0
sportssoftball, officiating4.0
sportssquash ( 530)12.0
sportssquash, general7.3
sportstable tennis, ping pong ( 410)4.0
sportstai chi, qi gong, general3.0
sportstennis, general7.3
sportstennis, doubles ( 430)6.0
sportstennis, doubles4.5
sportstennis, singles ( 420)8.0
sportstennis, hitting balls, non-game play, moderate effort5.0
sportstrampoline, recreational3.5
sportstrampoline, competitive4.5
sportsvolleyball ( 400)4.0
sportsvolleyball, competitive, in gymnasium6.0
sportsvolleyball, non-competitive, 6 – 9 member team, general3.0
sportsvolleyball, beach, in sand8.0
sportswrestling (one match = 5 minutes)6.0
sportswallyball, general7.0
sportstrack and field (e.g., shot, discus, hammer throw)4.0
sportstrack and field (e.g., high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, pole vault)6.0
sportstrack and field (e.g., steeplechase, hurdles)10.0
walkingbackpacking ( 050)7.0
walkingbackpacking, hiking or organized walking with a daypack7.8
walkingclimbing hills, no load6.3
walkingclimbing hills with 0 to 9 lb load6.5
walkingclimbing hills with 10 to 20 lb load7.3
walkingclimbing hills with 21 to 42 lb load8.3
walkingclimbing hills with 42+ lb load9.0
walkingdescending stairs3.5
walkinghiking, cross country ( 040)6.0
walkinghiking or walking at a normal pace through fields and hillsides5.3
walkingmarching, moderate speed, military, no pack4.5
walkingmarching rapidly, military, no pack8.0
walkingpushing or pulling stroller with child or walking with children, 2.5 to 3.1 mph4.0
walkingrace walking6.5
walkingstair climbing, slow pace4.0
walkingstair climbing, fast pace8.8
walkingusing crutches5.0
walkingwalking, less than 2.0 mph, level, strolling, very slow2.0
walkingwalking, 2.0 mph, level, slow pace, firm surface2.8
walkingwalking for pleasure ( 010)3.5
walkingwalking from house to car or bus, from car or bus to go places, from car or bus to and from the worksite2.5
walkingwalking to neighbor’s house or family’s house for social reasons2.5
walkingwalking the dog3.0
walkingwalking, 2.5 mph, level, firm surface3.0
walkingwalking, 2.5 mph, downhill3.3
walkingwalking, 2.8 to 3.2 mph, level, moderate pace, firm surface3.5
walkingwalking, 3.5 mph, level, brisk, firm surface, walking for exercise4.3
walkingwalking, 2.9 to 3.5 mph, uphill, 1 to 5% grade5.3
walkingwalking, 2.9 to 3.5 mph, uphill, 6% to 15% grade8.0
walkingwalking, 4.0 mph, level, firm surface, very brisk pace5.0
walkingwalking, 4.5 mph, level, firm surface, very, very brisk7.0
walkingwalking, 5.0 mph, level, firm surface8.3
walkingwalking, 5.0 mph, uphill, 3% grade9.8
walkingwalking, for pleasure, work break3.5
walkingwalking, grass track4.8
walkingwalking, normal pace, plowed field or sand4.5
walkingwalking, to work or class ( 015)4.0
walkingwalking, to and from an outhouse2.5
walkingwalking, for exercise, 3.5 to 4 mph, with ski poles, Nordic walking, level, moderate pace4.8
walkingwalking, for exercise, 5.0 mph, with ski poles, Nordic walking, level, fast pace9.5
walkingwalking, for exercise, with ski poles, Nordic walking, uphill6.8
water activitiescanoeing, on camping trip ( 270)4.0
water activitiescanoeing, harvesting wild rice, knocking rice off the stalks3.3
water activitiescanoeing, portaging7.0
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, 2.0-3.9 mph, light effort2.8
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, 4.0-5.9 mph, moderate effort5.8
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, kayaking, competition, >6 mph, vigorous effort12.5
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, for pleasure, general ( 250)3.5
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, in competition, or crew or sculling ( 260)12.0
water activitiesdiving, springboard or platform3.0
water activitieskayaking, moderate effort5.0
water activitiessailing, boat and board sailing, windsurfing, ice sailing, general ( 235)3.0
water activitiessailing, in competition4.5
water activitiessailing, Sunfish/Laser/Hobby Cat, Keel boats, ocean sailing, yachting, leisure3.3
water activitiesskiing, water or wakeboarding ( 220)6.0
water activitiesjet skiing, driving, in water7.0
water activitiesskindiving, fast15.8
water activitiesskindiving, moderate11.8
water activitiesskindiving, scuba diving, general ( 310)7.0
water activitiessnorkeling ( 310)5.0
water activitiessurfing, body or board, general3.0
water activitiessurfing, body or board, competitive5.0
water activitiespaddle boarding, standing6.0
water activitiesswimming laps, freestyle, fast, vigorous effort9.8
water activitiesswimming laps, freestyle, front crawl, slow, light or moderate effort5.8
water activitiesswimming, backstroke, general, training or competition9.5
water activitiesswimming, backstroke, recreational4.8
water activitiesswimming, breaststroke, general, training or competition10.3
water activitiesswimming, breaststroke, recreational5.3
water activitiesswimming, butterfly, general13.8
water activitiesswimming, crawl, fast speed, ~75 yards/minute, vigorous effort10.0
water activitiesswimming, crawl, medium speed, ~50 yards/minute, vigorous effort8.3
water activitiesswimming, lake, ocean, river (s 280, 295)6.0
water activitiesswimming, leisurely, not lap swimming, general6.0
water activitiesswimming, sidestroke, general7.0
water activitiesswimming, synchronized8.0
water activitiesswimming, treading water, fast, vigorous effort9.8
water activitiesswimming, treading water, moderate effort, general3.5
water activitiestubing, floating on a river, general2.3
water activitieswater aerobics, water calisthenics5.5
water activitieswater polo10.0
water activitieswater volleyball3.0
water activitieswater jogging9.8
water activitieswater walking, light effort, slow pace2.5
water activitieswater walking, moderate effort, moderate pace4.5
water activitieswater walking, vigorous effort, brisk pace6.8
water activitieswhitewater rafting, kayaking, or canoeing5.0
water activitieswindsurfing, not pumping for speed5.0
water activitieswindsurfing or kitesurfing, crossing trial11.0
water activitieswindsurfing, competition, pumping for speed13.5
winter activitiesskating, ice dancing14.0
winter activitiesskating, ice, 9 mph or less5.5
winter activitiesskating, ice, general ( 360)7.0
winter activitiesskating, ice, rapidly, more than 9 mph, not competitive9.0
winter activitiesskating, speed, competitive13.3
winter activitiesski jumping, climb up carrying skis7.0
winter activitiesskiing, general7.0
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, 2.5 mph, slow or light effort, ski walking6.8
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, 4.0-4.9 mph, moderate speed and effort, general9.0
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, 5.0-7.9 mph, brisk speed, vigorous effort12.5
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, >8.0 mph, elite skier, racing15.0
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, hard snow, uphill, maximum, snow mountaineering15.5
winter activitiesskiing, cross-country, skating13.3
winter activitiesskiing, cross-country, biathlon, skating technique13.5
winter activitiesskiing, downhill, alpine or snowboarding, light effort, active time only4.3
winter activitiesskiing, downhill, alpine or snowboarding, moderate effort, general, active time only5.3
winter activitiesskiing, downhill, vigorous effort, racing8.0
winter activitiesskiing, roller, elite racers12.5
winter activitiessledding, tobogganing, bobsledding, luge ( 370)7.0